Pillar Four: The Spirit

The fourth, final, and most important pillar is spirit. It anchors body, mind, and soul together. Visualize them as three intersecting rings, with spirit occupying the center where they overlap. Unfortunately, it is also the most frequently disregarded and neglected of them all. Spirit is the realm of legacy and conscience. Wisdom, morality, and faith are … Continue reading Pillar Four: The Spirit

Pillar Two: The Mind

I covered pillar one, the body here. The second pillar deals with the mental realm of thought and intellectual reason. Reading, writing, will power, cognition, planning, focus, memory, and competence are its foundational blocks. The primary need of the mind is to learn. We enter the world completely helpless and must learn to eat, crawl, … Continue reading Pillar Two: The Mind

Pillar One: The Body

In a previous post The 4 Pillars of Humanity, I introduced the concept that man is the sum of four parts: body, mind, soul, and spirit. These distinctions are scripturally sound and accurately reflect the totality of human existence. The first pillar, body, deals with the physical realm and material reality. Fitness, finance, nutrition, sex, … Continue reading Pillar One: The Body

The 4 Pillars of Humanity

Man is the sum of four parts: body, mind, soul, and spirit. I derive these categories from scripture and believe they are quite comprehensive. Disregard or neglect in one area creates problems in the other three. Today, many would make financial its own category, but I place wealth in body as it primarily relates to … Continue reading The 4 Pillars of Humanity