Pillar Three: The Soul

Man is the sum of four parts, pillars that anchor his being. Pillar one is the body and pillar two is the mind. Pillar three is the soul and is the most nebulous of the four. It is synonymous with the modern concept of heart and can be used interchangeably but is not to be confused with spirit. Soul is the realm of emotion and feeling, thus it deals primarily with social relations. Kindness, compassion, empathy, influence, confidence, charisma, and persuasion are its foundational blocks.

The primary need of the human soul is to love. It can be equally argued that it is to be loved. By loving, we show others they have inherent worth. This is a crucial milestone in the development of young children. You cannot love others if you loathe yourself. The cycle repeats throughout life as our concept of love matures. The emotional impact of being ejected from a once stable relationship can be devastating for an adult. The highest form of love is sacrificial. Greater love has no man than he lay down his life for his friends as Jesus beautifully demonstrated.

The main attribute of soul is passion, in love and for work. Blessed is the man who aligns his passion with his talent (mind’s voice) to earn a living. It will hardly seem like work at all. Passion in relationships can be beneficial or destructive. Too much passion and relationships burn out; too little and they suffer from lack of attention.

Consider modern phrases with which you are familiar. We say a nice person has a kind heart. We describe emotional pain as heartache or say, “She/he broke my heart” after infidelity. Brave men possess the heart of a lion and fearful men the heart of a coward. We describe key personnel in sports and business as the heart and soul of the team. All these describe the emotional base of a person.

The Bible describes the human heart as exceedingly wicked and impossible to understand. In ancient Hebrew culture, heart was synonymous with mind and not the seat of emotion as in our western culture. God was essentially saying that the human mind, not heart, is wicked for continuously thinking evil thoughts. This is why we are admonished to put on the mind of messiah and to renew our minds.

Your emotional foundation must be stable and able to endure life’s triumphs and tragedies. In The Nine Laws by Ivan Throne, he describes this as posture in Law 5. Many red pill forums label it frame. It is your default emotional position and projects strength or weakness. The strong live boldly with courage and hope; the weak live in constant fear and anxiety. A man’s strength should reside in the Lord. If God is for us, who can be against us? It is vitally important to keep your emotions in check. Consider the image of the old television Western cowboy. He was a quiet, imposing figure of strength, slow to anger but quick to action when necessary.

It may be practical to consider soul as the union of mind and body. In Genesis, God breathed spirit into the formed body of man and he came to life as a living soul. Emotions greatly impact our spiritual state, even more so than the body. A sick or injured body recovers much quicker than a love-sick or heartbroken soul. That is another reason why a strong, stable emotional base is so important. Feelings are valid because they are genuine, but they are often not reasonable or based in reality. You can be angry and not sin, unhappy but not unpleasant; but despair will rot the soul. Faith, trust, and hope in the Lord are the surest anchors because he never changes. Our position of righteousness in Jesus is the ultimate emotional frame.


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