Men: Be Yourself

“Just be yourself,” said every traditional American mother to her son, and pre-1990 it was sound advice. Conservative values and beliefs were still held by the majority and men were respected for working hard. By doing so, you were nearly guaranteed a compatible spouse. But times have changed and that motherly advice is quaint and obsolete. Was your mom secretly conspiring against you? The answer is a little surprising.

Thirty years ago, before the Internet made the concept mainstream, displaying the “real you” permitted females to quickly and accurately scale your sexual market value (SMV). They desired a long-term partner for security and typically, being a nice guy with a decent job was sufficient. This is probably how your mom chose your dad. Unfortunately, it also concealed her true nature: a temporary state of controlled hypergamy.

They were willing to accept a few flaws as part of the total package because they were concerned with your overall benefit to them. Today, revealing your negative attributes is relational suicide. Modern women primarily seek men for their ability to entertain. The expectation has become a perfect fantasy prince whether or not she is a princess. By not measuring up, you are quickly dismissed as a potential option.

Technology has further reduced men to a pre-screened Tinder profile based almost entirely on physical appearance. Pop culture has instilled the idea that all women deserve a 6’2” tall, mysterious, successful man with a full head of luxurious hair. They don’t give a damn about integrity, loyalty, or honor until they smack face first into the biological wall at middle age.

Men are not complicated and are content with life’s simple pleasures. The Red Pill awakening was about 15 years late; it took a while to realize Lucy was never going to hold the football. Globalization sent once stable factory jobs overseas and replaced them with intolerable, politically correct office prisons while government and courts simultaneously stripped men of their authority. Women thrive in this environment; they are naturally cunning and can leverage their sexuality. Men adapted, but contrary to their nature.

Men understand how this tragedy will unfold while women are willfully oblivious. Mastering game technique and Red Pill mindset are essential adaptions to the cultural decline. For years men heeded their mom’s advice and even passed it on to their own sons. A boy growing into a man is a source of pride for a mother, but in a twist of irony, the process simultaneously breaks the bond of dependence between them and women subconsciously loathe the transition.

Because a man’s concept of feminine love is based on his mother, they are utterly unprepared for one of life’s harshest truths: women only unconditionally love men as sons, never as husbands. Females are not consciously aware of this difference and do not intentionally sabotage their boys (some are twisted for sure), but must mold them into suitable husbands or resent them if they learn this secret.

I submit the traditional advice is still best: just be yourself. But, be the best damn version possible. Go to the gym and rearrange heavy things, dress for Success, be well-groomed, build your financial empire in your 20’s, earn a purple belt in Jujitsu, learn to play a musical instrument and speak a foreign language. Eat healthy, travel the world, drink modestly, avoid drugs, read often, sleep deeply, and meditate daily. Write. It is difficult to clearly organize your thoughts on paper and focuses your creative vision.


Carve out your financial freedom. Be the CEO of You Inc. Do everything you must until you can do whatever you want. You won’t fully mature until your 30s. Ignore what women say and pay close attention to their actions. You must become as fully self-actualized as possible without a woman. Gain competence, confidence, and pride of accomplishment, then wisely choose a young, feminine woman to share life with at your discretion. Avoid single mothers (no offspring but your own) and miserable career feminists.

Marriage and fatherhood are essential steps in masculine maturity. Without them, men tend to remain selfish and leave no sons to carry on their legacy. Many forums decry marriage as a risky proposition. It is. You can do everything right and still be hurt, but such is the burden of men. The potential fulfillment is worth the risk. It is not more than you can bear. Being a father has been the most rewarding aspect of my life and I firmly believe it will be for most men.

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