Pillar Two: The Mind

I covered pillar one, the body here. The second pillar deals with the mental realm of thought and intellectual reason. Reading, writing, will power, cognition, planning, focus, memory, and competence are its foundational blocks.

The primary need of the mind is to learn. We enter the world completely helpless and must learn to eat, crawl, walk, speak, read, write, and interact socially. A strong desire to learn is one of the most valuable skills you can possess. Curiosity may kill the cat, but it will serve you well over a lifetime. Intelligence varies greatly among people and it is best to think of it as mental horsepower in regards to processing speed and ability. IQ is a fairly accurate indicator of ones upward limit for cognition. I believe we do ourselves a great disservice in not accounting for this when considering career choices.

The main attribute of mind is vision. We must first imagine something prior to creating it. In fact, imagination is the first creation. The thought grows in detail and substance until we can literally visualize the reality. However, the vision must be expressed to actually have an impact. A word of caution, sometimes the thought is better than the reality.

Mind’s voice of expression is talent. Each person has some innate ability in one or more of the following areas: music, art, writing, dancing, acting, sports, inventing, designing, reasoning, and organizing. The list is by no means all-inclusive. We are infinitely creative creatures that must express our unique abilities to the world around us. Talent in a given area does not equal mastery, but when you focus without fear on what comes naturally, it will be your most sincere form of expression. Talent, like IQ, varies greatly among people. There will always be someone better than you in many ways. You just be the best version of yourself possible.


Body’s main attribute is discipline, but it has no effect without the will power to enforce it. Like The Green Lantern, will is our greatest potential for power. There is a reason we say, “He lost the will to live” and tyrants attempt to break the will of free men. God’s greatest gift to us is free will. With it we choose to exercise our talents in productive pursuits or waste our lives in senseless activities. In the end, you are what you will to become.

Lastly, I want to briefly discuss cunning, shrewdness, and manipulation, which many view as negative thought patterns. They are not inherently bad in and of themselves, but we rarely seek to understand them. They can be learned to a degree through experience, but come naturally to very few people. These types can be very dangerous, often preying on the naïve, innocent, immature, and lazy. You simply must dedicate some time to their understanding, if only to recognize them in others and avoid becoming a victim. All of Robert Greene’s books are an excellent resource for this and you can find them on my Reading List page.

The body receives conscious direction from the mind. We have immense control over our reality when we properly utilize our wills. Although most talents are expressed physically, they must first be honed mentally. Wisely broaden your skill set to properly discern manipulation and cunning and how to deal with them. There is a mind-body interface, and that is pillar three: the soul.


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