Pillar One: The Body

In a previous post The 4 Pillars of Humanity, I introduced the concept that man is the sum of four parts: body, mind, soul, and spirit. These distinctions are scripturally sound and accurately reflect the totality of human existence. The first pillar, body, deals with the physical realm and material reality. Fitness, finance, nutrition, sex, appearance, self-defense, and health are its foundational blocks.

The primary need of the human body is to live. In his book The Nine Laws, Ivan Throne makes the distinction that it is to survive. However, merely surviving without truly living is to be reduced to the status of an animal, an insult to human dignity. Adequate money, food, sleep, clothing, safety, recreation, and reproduction are all mandatory for survival, but to live, you must enjoy them.

The main attribute of Body is discipline. Without it, you will lose control of your appetites. Bodily addictions are notoriously destructive. Alcohol, food, tobacco, porn, and fixation with body image have been the downfall of many. Moderation is the key to successfully navigate these potential minefields, but it may be safer for many to avoid some of them entirely.

Body’s voice of expression is need. In the modern age, most of our current needs can be met with adequate financial resources. This is the main focus of most of the people I know, and rightly so. The goal is always financial freedom and the power of prerogative it provides. However, it must be kept in perspective. Jesus reminds us that life is more than what we eat, what we wear, or where we live. He admonishes that we can’t serve both God and money as greed has no place in his kingdom. Remember, the most important investments are not financial.

Together, the four pillars support a man and make him whole. We will examine them individually, but in reality, none stand-alone. All four continuously have a direct impact on each other. A weak mind has no will to discipline the body. A sick body drains the spirit. Addictions destroy the soul. A healthy body is optimal for longevity of life required to forge a spiritual legacy.

As you gather insight into these realities, you also gain the necessary wisdom to balance them. Major life decisions should never be made from the perspective of a single pillar. If the new job means more money at the expense of sacred time, it may not always be the best choice. However, there is also a time to drive hard in the short-term for delayed gratification later. Follow the blog, as we will soon explore Pillar Two: The Mind. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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