Dress for Success

I am no fashion guru. I’ve worn the same military uniform for 20 years and rarely have to worry about what I am going to wear except while in civilian clothes. But, I will tell you that women like a man in uniform; police, doctor, or military, it doesn’t matter. I’ve been all 3. Uniforms are a sign of authority, and authority = respect = attraction. A crisply pressed uniform tailored to fit is a symbol of power and again, power = attraction.  Disciplined grooming and dignified bearing are essential.

A businessman’s uniform is his suit, and all the same rules apply. However, the cut, color, and accessory combinations become extremely relevant. Neatly trimmed facial hair and a stylish haircut complete the image. I am bald, but I cleanly shave my head once a week to avoid looking like this:



I know styles change with time, but the modern culture of general sloppiness is unfortunate. Androgynous clothing, hipster skinny jeans, beanie hats, man buns, and dreadlocks are only acceptable if your greatest aspiration is to be top barista at Starbucks. Women, flannel pajama pants with Crocs look ridiculous unless you want to be featured in The People of Walmart website photo gallery. These choices display a lack of self-respect, apathy, laziness, and poor self-esteem. No business professional is going to take you seriously.

The saying “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” is true, and in the real world, what you look like on the outside is a pretty clear reflection of what’s taking place on the inside. Appearance is a deliberate choice. It says a lot about you. Take some pride in it if you want to be taken seriously. Get rid of the “I don’t care what people think” mentality. Yes, you do. Very much. When relaxing in public, wear stylish, comfortable clothing. Purchase some cool matching gym attire and get rid of your old, nasty shoes. NEVER wear cheap flip flops outside of the shower. You will feel better when you look better.  With a few simple adjustments, you can display confidence and soon, you will actually improve it.

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