Do You Even Lift?

Here is advice you can trust. There are 4 aspects (pillars) to every person on the planet: body, mind, soul, and spirit. Acknowledging these is non-negotiable. Weakness in one area leads to a decline in the other three. We inhabit physical three-dimensional space. Our body is the vehicle by which we experience this reality. Though this current mortal form is temporary, it is the temple of God until we receive a new one and should be treated with respect. Ivan Throne places bodily survival first in his 9 Laws as our most pressing concern. Physical fitness is the cornerstone of body and today I want to focus on the king of battle, weight training. Other posts will cover nutrition, rest, stress reduction, self defense, and appearance. I am in my late 40s and still enjoy nearly every type of physical exercise and attribute this predominately to a lifetime of lifting.

There is a reason that every guy “building his brand” dispensing red pill wisdom places this at the top of his list. The benefits of lifting are well established. You feel better because you are better. You are faster, stronger, more attractive, more energetic, and less prone to illness. Attractive people are viewed as more intelligent and more successful. You have great control over your appearance even if you have some poor genetics, so don’t dismiss this as superficial and retain your moral high ground on the sofa. I am short, bald, and thin by nature. I was picked on relentlessly in Jr. High. It wasn’t until 9th grade, when I came back to school after a summer of lifting that it stopped. By no means the biggest or strongest guy, it was the first time I could hold my own and garner some respect. It has become popular to pretend this is no longer a harsh reality and that we have moved beyond such things, but that is a yarn spun by obese body-positive excuse makers and their white knight sycophantic supporters. The bully can be expelled from school, but the humiliation remains until purged. And it is purged in the temple of iron, lifting heavy metal until you gain back what he took, your confidence. Civilization is a smoke screen. The law of the jungle is still in effect and men know it. Like the movie scene in The Dark Knight Rises when Bane asks the arrogant businessman “do you feel in charge,” physical strength trumps wealth in the power hierarchy.

Now, that being said, you don’t have to spend 3 hours per day trying to transform yourself into Arnold. You are after the sidekick of confidence, advantage. Advantage is life’s Easy Button. You will naturally be better at nearly everything you attempt due to enhanced balance, speed, coordination, stamina, focus, and the mental discipline (recall mind is one of the big 4) to persevere. Confident people are not easily intimidated or shaken. Your goal should be to look like you lift, no question about it. A balanced physique: tight fitting sleeves on solid arms, chest bigger than your belly, and don’t skip leg day. 4 days per week for 30 minutes to an hour depending on intensity should suffice. There will be more on regimens in future posts.

The bottom line is this: Your appearance falls well within your realm of control. You are judged by it every day and it is nearly impossible to change a first impression. Add to this the obvious health benefits and lifting becomes a life hack that is truly available to everyone. What are you waiting for? Leave a comment and share your experience (or excuse).



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